Free Guy First trailer for Ryan Reynolds’ new movie

Ryan Reynolds, one of the most hooligan actors in Hollywood, will return to the big screens in 2020 with ‘Free Guy’. The film is a comedy starring a minor character in a video game instead of the great hero.

The official premiere will be on July 3, but the trailer for one of the big bets of next year can already be seen.

Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy’s Skydance time travel adventure was supposed to come to us via Paramount. However, it will finally come to us through Netflix. The streaming giant will be in charge of sending us this project that was born eight years ago with Tom Cruise as the protagonist baptized as ‘Our Name is Adam’, who, after failing to get ahead, recovered last April to give Reynolds the leading role .

It seems that the fear of a new closing of the cinemas has led Skydance to decide to release its new story without going through theaters. With a rewritten script by Jonathan Tropper, this film – which has no official title yet – will follow “an astronaut who travels back in time to get help from his 13-year-old self. Together, they meet his late father, who he’s the same age as Reynolds’ character now. ”

With a production scheduled to start this November in Vancouver, we will soon know more about this project that brings Reynolds and Levy back together, as they also have the video game comedy ‘Free Guy‘ in their hands, whose premiere was delayed from July to December.